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Physio Ecosse

Physio Ecosse is an independent physiotherapy practice operating to the highest professional standards from purpose built premises in the heart of rural West Lothian.
Physio Ecosse
Physio Ecosse5 days ago
The first book I bought as a new grad baby physio was Chris Norris’ Diagnosis and Management of Sports Injuries and it has become my well worn go to over the years! So you can imagine how pleased I am to be part of the same collective of like minded physios working online!

Here is Chris chatting with Evie from PhysiosOnline UK about the challenges and benefits of virtual physio. And like he says “unless you try it - you ain’t gonna know”!

Physio Ecosse
Physio Ecosse6 days ago
This is what it’s all about!!

You are in good hands…

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