Coronavirus update 09/11/20 – Telehealth – delivering treatment that’s safe and specific to you

As we settle into our “tiered“ protection levels, it is clear that covid-19 still poses a major public health threat. Guidance from the Scottish Government and our Professional Bodies states that we should only see patients face2face if absolutely necessary.

To ensure the safety of our patients, staff and community, we continue to offer a “virtual first” approach where all initial appointments are conducted using our telehealth system.

It is not necessary for us to physically meet to start you on your journey – we can gather the same key information virtually as we would in-person.

Based on your clinical need and risk assessment, we work with you in the same way as usual to design an individualised treatment programme which may include a face2face appointment, ongoing virtual sessions or onward referral.

We are still here to listen, guide, coach, progress and motivate you to achieve your goals!

Covid-19 has afforded us the opportunity to look at new and better ways of working:

  • seeing you in your own environment has shown real advantages as we can use “real-life” scenarios in your treatment so your physio naturally becomes part of your everyday routine
  • when you tell us your goal is to perform a particular task – we are able to see exactly what it is you want to be able to do and can tailor your programme specifically
  • you don’t have the stress and hassle of travelling to your appointment
  • physio sessions are hard work and can be very tiring – with no need to make the journey back home afterwards, you can quickly relax and have a well-earned cup of tea!

But what about “hands-on” treatment? Of course, under normal circumstances, we often utilise the positive treatment effects of touch – but this is not always necessary for getting better.

There will be a day when we can get back to face2face clinic sessions without the need for aprons, gloves, face masks and visors – but until then, our screens continue to be the best PPE to keep us all safe!

So, no return to “business as usual” but be confident that Physio Ecosse continues to deliver the high-quality assessment and treatment that you have come to expect.